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Working Models

Dr. Tran uses the theory of self-actualization to motivate individuals to become fully functional. Self-actualization was coined by Abraham Maslow, one of the founding fathers of humanistic psychology. Self-actualization is the highest level on the hierarchy of needs (See figure 1 below).

Dr. Tran also created two models to guide her work. 1) Life Purpose Pyramid (See Figure 2 below)  and 2) Life Success Formula (See Figure 3 below).

Working Models

Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyradmid to help individuals reach self-actualization

Figure 1. Click here to learn more.

Life Purpose Pyramid, title and name.png

Figure 2. Click here to learn more.

Life Success Formula, Title and Author (11 × 8.5 in).png

Figure 3. Click here to learn more.

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