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Research Goal

Dr. Tran's research goal is to incorporate a personal development course into the K-12 educational system, which is mandatory for students before graduating. Today, students are not equipped with the knowledge and skills to become successful in the future. Many students have come to her for support because they feel unprepared for the real world.


As a humanistic psychologist, Dr. Tran wants to make sure every student has the opportunity to discover their strengths, talents, and passions, so they can do great work and contribute to society. It will also help fulfill the K-12 educational system’s mission of preparing students to become productive citizens.


Her objectives are to conduct both quantitative and qualitative studies. She will use quantitative research to understand students’ mindsets and development toward personal growth. She will use qualitative research to understand students' lived experiences on how they apply different personal development concepts and theories to help them succeed.

In an interview with Authority magazine, Dr. Tran shared 5 tips on how to improve the educational system. Click here to access the interview.

Active Research

Discovering the missing life skills in high school students who graduated between 2014 - 2024. Please click here for details on how to participate in the study.

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