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About Dr. Mykim Tran

Dr. Mykim Tran is a humanistic psychologist, keynote speaker, educator, life coach, and author. She started her career as a speaker in 2010 by motivating and inspiring individuals to feel good about themselves by educating them about body image, health and wellness, and self-confidence. However, she discovered that her strengths align more with mental health during her master's program in Health Psychology, which she attained at Walden University in 2013. She believes that when individuals have mental health, they will have the self-esteem to overcome and achieve anything. In 2014, she published her first book, Self-Esteem Building: How to Live Your Life as You. As she continued her education journey into her PhD program in Humanistic Psychology, she realized her passion for personal development and human potential. She achieved her PhD at Saybrook University in 2022. Dr. Tran uncovered that as individuals learn and develop, they will unleash their passion and life purpose, which they can use to create a powerful legacy.

Learn more about Dr. Tran in an exclusive interview with Brainz Magazine.

Latest News

The Most Visionary Business Leaders To Watch In 2024

On January 2024, Dr. Tran was featured as the most visionary business leader for 2024 and the cover story for the Enterprise World magazine.

Interview with Women Lead Magazine

On February 2024, Dr. Tran shared her mission to unlock human potential for all and practical tips to reach your full potential.

Latest Article

Check out Dr. Tran's latest article for Brainz magazine on June 2024. In this article, she shared ways to stay motivated in life.

Work Philosophy

Dr. Tran specializes in humanistic psychology to help individuals reach their full potential.

"One's only failure is failing to live up to one's own possibilities."

Abraham Maslow

Research Goal

Dr. Tran's research goal is to discover a pathway to help every student realize and use their passion to do great work so they can make a social impact.

Active Research

Discovering the missing life skills in graduated high school students between 2014 – 2024.

“What a man can be, he must be, this needs we call


Abraham Maslow

Areas of Service

  • Human potential (Self-actualization)

  • Passion and Purpose

  • Motivation

  • Mindset

  • Self-mastery

  • Psychological well-being

  • Productivity

  • Health and wellness

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